• Dear Parents, Students, and Employees of Weston County School District # 1,

    Asbestos is an issue we have been dealing with for many years. The Asbestos Emergency Response Act of 1986 (referred to as AHERA), was enacted by congress was enacted to determine the extent of and develop solutions for any problems we have with asbestos.

    To give you some background, asbestos has been used as a building material in a naturally occurring mineral that is mined primarily in Canada South Africa, Asbestos properties made it an ideal building material for insulation, sound absorbing, decorative plasters, fireproofing, and a variety of miscellaneous uses. There has been 3, 000 different products made using asbestos materials. EPA began action to ban asbestos products in 1973 and most uses of asbestos products as building materials banned in 1978.

    We had our facilities inspected by an accredited asbestos inspector required by AHERA. The inspector located and identified asbestos material in the tile adhesive in our middle school storage room prior to the remodel of our facility. The material has since been removed.

    An asbestos management plan was developed for our facilities, which contains a notification letter, education and training of our employees, and provide information on the periodic monitoring of our schools.  A copy of the asbestos management plan is available for your inspection at the maintenance department during regular office hours.

    We continue to implement the asbestos management plan. We are complying with state, and local regulations in this area. We plan on taking whatever steps are needed to insure your children and our employees have a healthy, safe environment in which to work.