Note from Director:

    Looking forward to a great 2019-20 year in our wonderful community of Newcastle.  There are a lot of activities in the school district so please contact Teresa Gross if you want to know what's happening or you would like to schedule something.

     Mission Statement:

    We want everyone in the communty to know what's going on and to be able to promote recreation for all ages.  Communication of these programs is essential to make these programs successful!

    The primary goal of this new part-time position is to coordinate the use of the school facilities in a fair manner for those in the community.  Also to be available to anyone after business hours.

    Please feel free to call the office at 307-746-6924 or text or phone Teresa Gross at 605-214-1240 or stop by the pool office after 3:30pm.  If she's not in the office she's probably on the pool deck with the swimmers, but occassionally away at a swim meet.  If she's not at the pool, call her cell.  You can also email her at grosst@wcsd1.org.





    Feel free to contact her with any questions, concerns, suggestions, or ideas!