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  • Scholorships below are organized by the Month that the Scholorship is Due:

    Scholorship with No Available Due Date:


  • Horatio Alger Wyoming Scholarship

    25 - $5,000 Scholarships Awarded
    Funded through the generosity of Rocky Mountain Power Foundation

    1. The Horatio Alger Wyoming Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to students in the State of Wyoming who have exhibited integrity and perseverance in overcoming personal adversity and who aspire to pursue higher education.


      To be eligible to apply for the Horatio Alger Wyoming Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

      • be enrolled full time as a high school senior in Wyoming, progressing normally toward graduation, and planning to enter college no later than the fall following graduation;
      • have a strong commitment to pursue accredited institution located in the United States (students may start their studies at a two-year institution and then transfer to a four-year institution);
    2. critical financial need ($55,000 or less adjusted gross income per family is preferred; if higher, an explanation must be provided);
    3. involvement in co-curricular and community activities;
    4. demonstrate academic achievement (minimum grade point average of 2.0);
    5. be a resident of Wyoming; and
    6. be a citizen of the United States






  • November

  • Youth Activity Fund Student Grants - $5000


    Youth Activity Fund for high school students and college undergraduates, fosters a new generation of explorers dedicated to the advancement of scientific knowledge of the world.

    Our awards typically range from $500 to $2500 US in each Fund.  a few awards may be granted up to a $5000 award level.

    Applications can be found by going to:





  • December:


    December 20

    RMHC U.S. Scholarships - $1,000 - 100 awards


    To apply for an RMHC scholarship, a student must:

    1.  Be a high school senior and younger than 21 years of age

    2.  Be eligible to attend a two or four year college or university with a full course of study

    3. Be a legal U.S. resident

    4.  Submit a complete application and all required documentation by the deadline on the application

    5.  Meet any additional eligibility requirements outlined by each scholarship program

    6.  Verification of enrollment each year at the student's accredited post-secondary institution

    Applications can be found by going to:




  • December 11,



  • January:

  • Horatio Alger Scholarship


    The Horatio Alger Association seeks to assist students who have demonstrated integrity, perseverance in overcoming adversity, strength of character, financial need, a good academic record, commitment to pursue a college education, and a desire to contribute to society.


    Eligibility Criteria


    To be considered eligible for Horatio Alger National and State Scholarship Programs, applicants must:


    (1) Be enrolled full time as a high school senior in the United States, progressing normally toward graduation in spring/summer 2017, with plans to enter a college in the United States no later than the fall following graduation.

    (2)Exhibit a strong commitment  to pursue and complete bachelor's degree at an accredited non-profit public or private institution in the United States (students may start their studies at a two-year institution and then transfer to a four-year institution) 

    (3) Demonstrate critical financial need, preferably $55,000 or lower adjusted gross family income is required.)

    (4) Be involved in co-curricular and community service activities

    (5) Display integrity and perseverance in overcoming adversity


    (6) Maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 

    (7) Be a United States citizen 



    Scholarships given to deserving students range in award value from $7,500 to $25,000.

    Application Procedures


    To apply,for the Horatio Alger Scholarship Programs, the following intems must be completed by October 25:


    • Submit an online application at scholars.horatioalger.org
    • One support Form completed online.  This must be compoeted by an adult over the age of 21 who is not related to the applicant and who is aware of the adversities mentioned in the application.  This form just be filled out online.  Faxes, emails, or letters will not be accepted. 
    • Online Certification form. A login will be emailed to the applicant's counselor.
    • High school transcript.  Applicants should upload a transcript through the application.  Transcripts must be submitted online.
    • Income Verification.  a copy of the first page of the applicant's parent(s) federal tax return (1040,1040A, 1040EZ or 1099 SSA-Social Security form) or tax transcript(request a tax transcript hre www.irs.gov/Individuals/Order-a-Transcript) is needed in order to verify income stated on the application.  if an applicant's parents were not required to file a tax return, include statement copies of any government benefits, such as Public Assistance or disability payment documents Income verifications may be uploaded online or sent by mail.  Appliants of divorced or legally separated parents need to submit tax forms from both parents.  No emails or faxes accepted.

    IMPORTANT:  In order for an application to be considered complete the applicant's counselor must complete a certifications Form online.

     Students may apply online August 1-October 25 at scholars.horatioalger.org. 



    Deadline:  October 25


  • January 1

    National Turkey Federation Scholarship


    Eligibility: Students:  (1) Must be a graduating senior with a 3.0 or higher.  (2) Must be pursuing a degree at an accredited institution of higher education.  (3) Must support the preservation of the hunting tradition and actively participate in hunting sports. (a copy of a current hunting license is required).  (4) Must be involved in school activities.  (5) Must demonstrate ability as a leader among his or her peers.  (6) Must demonstrate community involvement.


    Applications must be sent to:

    Jake Jacobsen

    Wy State Chapter NWTF

    JAKES Coordinator

    3009 Canyon Ridge Way

    Worland, WY  82401






    January 7,



    The GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program annually awards roughly 20 college-bound students who demonstrate exemplary leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship with $10,000 renewable scholarships-up to $40,000 total per recipient.

    For more information, eligibility requirements, and an online application, visit www.reaganfoundation.org/scholarships




  • January 29th,

    Business Leaders of Tomorrow

    Use any link below for more information


    Recurring Annual Business and Finance Scholarship ($1000 award)

    Deadline is January 29th

    Award Notification: March 15th

    Scholarship Application Link

    Awarding Company: The Mortgage Reports



  • January 29,

    Nurse.org Healthcare Leaders Scholarship

    Nurse.org is a great resource for students considering a career in nursing.  Our Nursing Resource Center features career guides, directories of nursing organizations and state boards, as well as a fun quiz to help students figure out which specialty they might like to pursue.



  • University of Wyoming

    ASUW Leadership Scholarship



    Leadership is an important part of a student's time at college.  To encourage students to continue their involvement in leadership activities, the Associated Students of the University of Wyoming has created a scholarship to be given to a graduating high school senior planning to attend the University of Wyoming.  This senior will have been an active member of their high school and community and will have plans to continue that involvement in college.  This scholarship will have a minimum value of $1,000 each semester and will be awarded the fall semester following application.  This scholarship is renewable upon application each spring semester if the requirements continue to be met.


    Scholarship Requirements


    • The applicant must have a minimum cumulative high school GPA of 3.5.
    • The applicant shall be judged, in part, by the qualifications he/she provides in a written resume of community and school involvement, awards, and employment.
    • A one page single-spaced typed essay describing their involvement in high school and how they plan to continue that involvement at UW.  This essay should also highlight the contributions the applicant has made to the school and community.
    • Letter of reference from a high school faculty member describing the applicant's contribution to the community and high school.
    • An official high school transcript.
    • This scholarship may be renewed through the same application process, and previous recipients will be given priority consideration.  The scholarship may also be revoked at the discretion of the scholarship committee should the recipient fail to fulfill the requirements of this scholarship.



    Applications are available online at http://www.uwyo.edu/ASUW .


    Applications must be postmarked on or before check back first of the year.

    Return to:

    ASUW Scholarship Committee

    Dept. 3625

    1000 E. University Ave.

    Laramie, WY 82071 



  • January 15

    Mensa Education and Research Foundation

    Local Scholarship Program

    please click on attachment for application information and eligibility.

    Entries must be posted by January 15




  • February 1,

    Society of Women Engineers

    Rocky Mountain Section






  • March 1 

    UW Scholarship



    The USS Wyoming/Dick Cheney Scholarship is awarded annually to Wyoming residents who are about to graduate or have graduated from an accredited high school in the state or who will be attending a Wyoming community college or the University of Wyoming.  Consideration will be given to past academic performance, financial need, personal conduct and reputation, extracurricular involvement, service to community and country, demonstration of patriotism and good citizenship, unique or distinguishing qualities, and educational goals.


    Applications are available at http://uwadmnweb.uwyo.edu/sfa/Scholarship/default.asp .


    Applications must be sent by March 1


     University of Wyoming
     Office of Student Financial Aid

      Dept. 3335

      1000 E. University Avenue

      Laramie, WY  82071





    March 1,

    Wyoming Elks Associations

    Three scholarships

    1.  Wyoming Elks Major Project Scholarship

    2.  PGER George B. Klein Memorial Scholarship

    3.  Vocational Grant Scholarship







     March 1



    Wyoming game Wardens Association



    Game Warden Scholarship Application












  • March 15,




    WARWS Scholarships

    Wyoming Rural Water Foundation is pleased to announce they will award 2 - $1,000 scholarships to graduating seniors for the Fall, 2016 semester. Eligibility is for any graduating senior interested in environmental sciences. Preference will be given to students whose parents work in the water and or waste water industry. Second tier eligibility is to students not connected to the industry who have an interest or declared major in environmental sciences at any University or College.

    Official Rules:

    This grant of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) will be made to a student to defray the cost of tuition, books, or room and board at an accredited institution of higher learning approved by the Wyoming Rural Water Foundation (WRWF). Disbursement of the money will be made upon presentation of winner’s college or university receipt as proof of enrollment. The scholarship money will be paid directly to the student. In order to be eligible for a scholarship, applicants must complete the application form in its entirety by completing all blanks. If item is not applicable please place an N/A in the blank. Upon completion return it to the WRWF Scholarship Committee by the entry deadline, March 15, 2016. All recipients will be first screened on eligibility requirements, with priority given, but not limited to water/wastewater/environmental related studies. Applicants will be evaluated on a comparative basis at the sole discretion of the committee. Decisions will be final. Application material and decisions of the committee shall be confidential. Acceptance of scholarship constitutes permission to use recipients name and/or likeness for purpose of promotion. Recipients must maintain a 2.5 GPA and complete at least one full semester. Failure to achieve the required minimum GPA or failure to not complete a full semester will result in reimbursement of the entire scholarship amount. Deadline is Marth 15, 2016.

    WRWF General Scholarship Application



    Mark Pepper

    Executive Director

    Wyoming Assoc. of Rural Water Systems


    307-259-6903 cell

    307-436-8441 fax

    PO Box 1750

    Glenrock, WY 82637



    March 15 beginning Deadline June 15

    Horatio Alger National Career & Technical Scholarship Program







    March 16

    BPx Energy


    bpx energy






    March 23


    Wyoming Weed and Pest Council Scholarship


    Wyoming Weed & Pest Council scholarship



  • March 31,

    Newcastle Lodge #13 A.F.& A. M.

    Scholarship Application




  • March 13, 2017





  • March 21,






  • March 31

    Janice M. Scott Memorial Scholarship Fund



  • March 1,


    Beth Ann Crawford Scholarship



  • March 16,

    Wyoming Weed & Pest Council Scholarship

    Please see attachment




    April 15,



    Top 20% of Class 

    Please click attachment



    April 12


    Weston County Commissioners Scholarship

    weston county commissioners




    April 15


    Keith T. Van Buren Memorial Scholarship


    a.  This scholarship shall be awarded annually to one senior graduating from Newcastle High school who will be attending a vocational training school or facility located anywhere in the United States within twelve months following graduation.

    b.  The amount of this scholarship is Two Thousand Dollars.  The scholarship shall be used to pay for tuition, books and for costs directly related to enrollment in the vocational training school or facility.

    c.  a scholarship recipient may reveive only one scholarship even though the recipient's vocation training may last more than one year.

    d.  If there are no eligible graduating seniors, the scholarship shall not be award for that year.

    e.  When the scholarship fund contains less than four Thousand Dollars the School District may either award the remaining balance of the fund in one scholarship exceeding Two Thousand dollars or divide the remaining balance of the fund into two equal shares and award two annual scholarships, each being less than Two Thousand dollars.

    f.  The Keith T Van Buren Memorial Scholarship shall cease and expire when it is no longer funded.



    Write a short essay about why you would be a good candidate for this scholarship

    What vocational you are going to go into and where

    Add a transcript






  • APRIL 15





    April 15

    Crouch Education Scholarship



    The Crouch Education Scholarship is administered by Weston County School District #1.  Seniors at Newcastle High School or NHS graduates attending college may apply for this scholarship.  One scholarship will be awarded to a male student and one to a female student.  The scholarship can be used at your school of choice.  Preference is given to students pursuing a degree in education.





    • List high school activities and accomplishments.
    • Write a statement giving the committee insight about yourself and your educational goals/objectives.
    • Provide official transcripts of grades.
    • List your activities relating to community service.

    State your income and resources for the upcoming academic year.



     Application deadline is April 15




  • April 15

    Chapter AG, P.E.O.

    Inga Thorson Memorial Scholarship


    The scholarship is administered by a committee composed of three members.  The committee makes the selection of the award based on selected criteria and the applications submitted.


    The criteria for this award are academic achievement and the student's proven and potential ability.


    As a well-rounded student is sought, such factors as character, leadership ability, participation in school and community activities, citizenship, ambition and goals are given serious consideration.  Need is a factor which is also given consideration.




    1. Completed application
    2. School grade transcript
    3. Written statement of goals


    Rules for Scholarship:


    1. The recipient of the scholarship must be a female graduate of Newcastle High School in the current year with a grade average of C+ or above required.
    2. The recipient may use this award at any university, college, junior college, vocational or technical school located within or without the State of Wyoming.
    3. The money will be paid directly to the registrar of the recipient's selected school.
    4. The recipient of this award must use the award during the school year in which it is given.
    5. The committee will select an alternate who will receive the award if the selected recipient forfeits the award for that year.
    6. The scholarship will be in the amount of $500.
    7. Applications are due in the office of Newcastle High School by  April 15  









    April 15


    P.E.O., chapter AG #1 Scholarship


    P.E.O. chapter AG #1 Scholarship




    April 15


    Outstanding Female English Student Award

    P.E.O. Chapter AG


    Outstanding Female English Student Award








    April 15

    Raymond W. McClure Scholarship

    The Raymond W. McClure Scholarships are made available through a bequest to Weston County School District #1.  These scholarships may be used for post high school training in any Wyoming institution of higher learning, vocational or technical school.

    A scholarship committee will recommend applicants for scholarship to the Trustees of School District #1.  The committee will recommend scholarships on the basis of the applicant's scholastic record, character, financial need and other evidence of academic ability and interest.  The applicants should also take care to make a good first impression, which would include a neat application.  The Board of Trustees will then award the scholarships.

    Successful applicants who are graduating from high school will receive their letter awarding the scholarship and then be recognized at the school's award assembly at the close of the school year.  Those attending college will receive their letter awarding the scholarship at their school address.

    All instructions must be followed and requested information submitted, as incomplete applications cannot be considered.  College applicants should list only collegiate activities.  All applicants should be clear and concise on their goals.

    High school applications are to be submitted to the high school guidance office.  College applicants should submit their applications to the following address:

    Raymond McClure Scholarship Committee

    Weston County School District #1

    116 Casper Avenue

    Newcastle , WY  82701


    · Scholarships may be granted to either girls or boys who are graduates of Newcastle High School.

    · Recipients may use the award at the school of their choice.

    · Recipients must apply for scholarships.  In the application, they shall state their eligibility; and, in their own words, state what their life goals are in the education that they seek.

    · Preference shall be given to recipients whose goals are in a field of endeavor which will offer service to others and to mankind, such as teaching, ministry, social work, nursing, medicine, and similar service fields, but the awards shall not be limited to those fields.

    · Recipients may receive scholarships for more than one year.

    · Recipients should demonstrate a financial need for the help of the scholarship.

    · The trustee is directed to pay to each recipient the amount awarded upon proof of enrollment of the recipient in the school of the recipient's choice for that semester.

    · If the recipient fails to enroll in college or fails to accept the award, the committee may select an alternate to receive the scholarship at any time.

    · Graduating seniors must furnish high school transcript.

    · College students must furnish current college transcript.

    · Two letters of recommendation must be submitted-one from an instructor and one from someone other than an instructor in your school.


     Application deadline is April 15





    April 15,

    Shad Bruce Memorial Scholarship



    The Shad Bruce Memorial Scholarship is made available through donations to the family in Shad's memory.


    The scholarship may be used by a  Newcastle High School graduate  attending any accredited college or university.  The scholarship will be in the amount of $1,000 with $500 awarded each semester on proof of acceptance and registration.  Upon receipt of proof of acceptance and registration, the   monies will be forwarded to the selected school's Registrar.  


    Award Criteria:  


    • Student must have a 3.0 cumulative grade point average.
    • Student must have demonstrated leadership ability, involvement in school and community activities, and good citizenship.
    • Student must submit a short statement addressing their future goals and need for this scholarship.
    • Preference will be given to students who have an entrepreneurial spirit-those who hope to own their own business in the future.


    The Newcastle High School Scholarship committee will select the scholarship recipient.






  • April 13


    Weston County Commissioner's Scholarship



    Three (3) New county Commissioner Scholarships and one (1) Renewal Scholarship to be awarded annually for $1,000.00 ($500.00per semester) for one academic year.  Any graduate of a high school in Wyoming who will enroll or is presently enrolled in a Wyoming college is eligible to apply.  The scholarship shall be awarded on the basis of need, academic standing, and leadership qualities, as determined by the Weston County Commissioners.   Please  mark envelope attention : Weston County Commissioner's Scholarship


    Application deadline is April 13 by 4:30 p.m. In the:

    Weston County Clerk's Office

    One West Main

    Newcastle, WY 82701



    Weston Co. Commissionors




  • April 14,

    Wyoming Wool Growers Auxiliary Scholarship

    Joy Hardy Memorial Scholarship

    The following criteria will apply to the Wyoming Wool Growers Auxiliary Scholarship and the Joy Hardy Memorial Scholarship.

    1. Applicants must be a resident of Wyoming and have lived in their attendance area their entire senior year.
    2. Scholarship is available for students planning to attend any college, university, or an accredited trade school program.  The scholarship is not available for correspondence courses.
    3. This scholarship will be awarded on the basis of individual applications.  Each application must be completed and submitted to WWGA Auxiliary, PO Box 115, Casper, WY  82601 by April 15. 
    4. Applicants for the scholarship will be considered equally without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, political belief, or disability.
    5. All applicants shall submit an official application along with an official transcript and required signatures of the student, parent/guardian, and Guidance Counselor.
    6. Applicants shall be judged on the applicant's intent to further his or her education based on plans to choose a major in the College of Agriculture, Ag background, community and school involvement, merit of the student, and need of the scholarship.
    7. The scholarship will be awarded as a one-time payment to the recipient at graduation.
    8. Students applying for this scholarship must have a minimum of a 2.50 GPA.

    Applications are available through the attachment below.  Application deadline is April 14,



  • April 18

    Wyoming Youth Soccer (WYS) Scholarship Fund

    These scholarships are available to graduating seniors who:

    • Are in their senior year in high school in Wyoming
    • Played soccer with a WYS affiliated club or association.  affiliated association is defined as an association in good standing with Wyoming Youth Soccer;
    • Are enrolled or applying for enrollment at a junior college or any (4) four-year college or university;
    • Have a 2.0 or above grade point average (based on the 4,.0 scale.)

    Also, students currently enrolled and playing soccer at the collegiate level may apply.

    The scholarship application and guidelines are attached.  The application and guidelines are also available at the WYS web sit:  www.wyomingsoccer.com.  Please read the guidelines carefully; if you have any questions contact the WYS office.  The application deadline is April 18,

    For more information please contact WYS at (307)742-2306 or by e-mail wssa@wyomingsoccer.com.





  • April 1,

    C.O.R.E.  Freshman Impact Scholarship




  • April 17,

    Grand Chapter of Wyoming

    Order of the Eastern Star

    Youth Scholarship Application

    online at http://grchapwyo.homestead.com  (You will find the Scholarship application link on the left three quarters of the way down)




  • April 3, 2017


    Wyoming School Resource Officer Assoc. Scholarship Application




  • April 22,

    Newcastle Chapter #30

    Order of Eastern Star

    Newcastle, Wyoming 82701





  • April 30

    Gus Archie Memorial Scholarship


    The Gus Archie Memorial Scholarship is supported by the Archie Fund of the SPE Foundation. Each year the SPE Foundation, working through the SPE Section Scholarship Support Program, as well as working with individual applicants, awards the Archie Scholarship to the most outstanding incoming freshman. The curriculum must lead to an undergraduate degree in petroleum engineering.

    The Archie Fund endows each scholarship at $5,000 per year. The program contemplates support of an individual student through four years of university study, provided that he/she makes satisfactory academic progress. The program ordinarily requires a GPA of 3.0/4.0 or higher for the current semester and a GPA of 3.0/4.0 or higher on a cumulative basis. Students rotate off the program after 4 years of scholarship support.

    Selection Procedures

    Applications by candidates for the freshman award may be submitted to any section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and should be screened by the section according to the criteria used in selecting recipients in the SPE Section Scholarship Support Program. Candidates may also apply directly to the Student Activities Manager, Society of Petroleum Engineers, P.O. Box 833836, Richardson, TX 75083 3836.  Applications are available at Gus Archie Memorial Scholarship Application .  Application receipt deadline is April 30, annually

    Qualifications for Submitting Scholarship

    The following information is required from individual candidates who are submitting applications for the scholarship to the SPE Archie Scholarship Committee: 

    • Application for scholarship to be submitted by student. 
    • Statement by student that it is his/her intent to enroll in petroleum engineering in an accredited school. 
    • Appraisal of student from principal, adviser or counselor. 
    • An SAT score of 1200 (or ACT score of 27) or higher for U.S. applicants.  Non-U.S. applicants should provide  exit examination or placement scores with documentation explaining how to interpret the score.

      Restrictions if Awarded Scholarship

    • All Archie Scholarship recipients must be enrolled in a petroleum engineering class by their third semester. 
    • The scholarship will be canceled immediately if the student transfers out of petroleum engineering.
    • The scholarship will be canceled if the student drops below 14 credit hours during a semester. 
    • The scholarship ordinarily requires a GPA of 3.0/4.0 or higher for the current semester and a GPA of 3.0/4.0 or higher on a cumulative basis. 
    • Exceptions to certain requirements may be made by the Archie Scholarship Committee in unusual circumstances.




  • April 29


    The official name of this scholarship program shall be the Wyoming Youth Soccer (WYS) Scholarship Fund.

    This scholarship program will be under the direct supervision of the WYS board of directors. A committee composed of board members and association delegates will be directly responsible for administration of the scholarship program.


    • Each year association members will determine the total dollar amount of the scholarship fund. WYS expects to fund the scholarship program annually, in the amount of $3000.00.
    • Between three (3) and six (6) annual scholarships will be awarded.
    • Scholarship amounts will range from a minimum of $500.00 per recipient to a maximum of $1,000.00 per recipient. 
    • The maximum amount one individual may receive over a four (4) year period will be limited to $4,000.00.
    • Any unused amount of the scholarship fund will remain in the fund and used for future awards.


    1. Applicant must be in their senior year in high school in Wyoming or, are already attending college and playing soccer at the college level.
    2. Applicant must have played soccer at the local association level in Wyoming. Local association is defined as an association in good standing with the Wyoming Youth Soccer. The applicant should have played soccer during their elementary and secondary years. It is not a requirement that the applicant play high school soccer.
    3. It is not a requirement that applicants in high school play soccer at the college level.
    4. To receive a scholarship for a second, third or fourth year continuing college students are required to play soccer at a college level.
    5. Previous scholarship recipients must apply each year.
    6. Applicant must be enrolled or applying for enrollment at a junior college or (4) four-year college/university.
    7. Applicant must have a 2.0 or above scholastic average based on a 4.0 scale.
    8. Applicant is required to complete the WYS Scholarship Application and return the completed application with required supplementary forms by the application deadline.
    9. Application must be typed or hand-printed. Submit a total of 5 complete application packets, which include the application and all supplemental materials. Photocopies can be used. 
    10. No sooner than September 1 and upon proof of college enrollment (such as a student ID number or a letter from the college), scholarship funds will be mailed directly to the financial aid office of the recipient's college/university.


    1. Applicant's level of involvement in youth soccer, either as a player, referee and/or coach.
    2. Applicant's level of involvement in extra curricular activities, both in school and in their community.
    3. Demonstrated financial need.
    4. Letters of recommendation.
    5. Scholastic ability.
      No applicant will be disqualified because of sex, race, color, creed or religious beliefs.


    Prospective applicants can obtain a scholarship application by:

    1.   Contacting the Community Education office.

    2.   Requesting an application by email from WYS: wssa@wyomingsoccer.com  

    3.   Requesting an application by mail using the address below.

    4.   Downloading an application: GET APPLICATION NOW .

    Application deadline is April 29 

    P.O. Box 1068
    Laramie, WY 82073-1068
     (307) 742-2306  Fax (307) 742-2705
    E-Mail:  wssa@wyomingsoccer.com




  • April 1


    BNSF is awarding $50,000 worth of scholarships in Wyoming this spring.  The application process is now under way and ends on April .

    BNSF will award four $10,000 scholarships over a four year period, and four $2,500 one-time scholarships to winning applications in Wyoming.

    Students may apply online at https://aim.applyists.net/BNSF

    Students, please highlight and copy the above url into the Browser to access the Registration Form. 




    April 1

    Wyoming Association of Secondary School Principals


     WY Assoc Secondary Principals




    April 12

    Robert J. and Clara Mae Harper Trust Scholarship



  • April






    April 14


    Adeline Neilson Scholarship Foundation


    Scholarships are available for trade school students as well as for college and university students.

    The application form is self-explanatory, and is available through April 7, 2018 by sending an e-mail request to:


    The completed application must be postmarked not later than April 14, 2018




    April 14

    Anna Elaine Koch Scholarship


    In memory of my late wife Anna Elaine Koch I am offering a one-time $500 scholarship to a 2018 graduating student from Newcastle High School.  Interested applicants should be planning to attend any post secondary educational facility in the coming school year.  Applicants should send a brief essay (approximately 1 page in length ) as to their educational plans and outline how and why education is important to them.  The chosen applicant will be decided by may 1, 2018.


    Interested applications should be submitted by mail to the following address:


    Roger Koch

    508 Pine St.

    Newcastle, WY 82701




    April 15


    Wyoming School Psychology Association Scholarship Application


    Wyo School Psychology Assoc Scholarship app






    April 30


     Newcastle Booster Club Scholarship


    Newcastle Booster Club Scholarship


    April 30

    Douvas Memorial Scholarship



    Type in Douvas Memorial Scholarship to get application



  • ___________________________________________________________________________________

    May 1

    Keith Van Buren Memorial Scholarship

         This Scholarship shall be awarded annually to one senior graduating from Newcastle High School who will be attending a vocational training school or facility located anywhere in the United States within twelve months following graduation.

         The amount of this scholarship is Two Thousand Dollars.  The scholarship shall be used to pay for tuition










    May 1
    Society of Women Engineers National Scholarship





    May 1


    Weston County Farm Bureau Scholarship


    Weston County Farm Bureau Scholarship



    May 1

    Slenker-Brown Scholarship


    The Slenker-Brown Scholarship is made available through a bequest to Chapter X, P.E.O., to be used for scholarships for the benefit of graduates of Newcastle High School who are or will be attending the University of Wyoming, or any institute of higher education within the State of Wyoming as a full-time student.


    The scholarship honors the memory of Elma Garman Slenker Brown and her son, Robert K. Slenker.  Elma was a 1920 graduate of Moorcroft High School and a 1926 graduate of the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor of Science in home economics.  She taught in Wyoming schools for more than thirty years; most of that time Elma taught home economics at Newcastle High School.  She was an outstanding teacher who was well liked by students and colleagues.


    A recipient who is graduating from high school will receive an award letter at the school's award assembly.  A recipient who is attending college will receive the letter of award at her/his home address.




    1. Scholarships may be granted to either female or male students who are graduates of Newcastle High School.
    2. Recipients must be attending the University of Wyoming or planning to attend UW or any institute of higher education within the state of Wyoming, as a full time student.
    3. The scholarship will be paid in whole at the beginning of the first semester.
    4. An alternate may be chosen to receive the award if the recipient fails to meet these requirements.
    5. The trustee of this scholarship is Chapter X, P.E.O.  Scholarship selection committee members will be members of Chapter X. P.E.O.


    Application Process  


    • Complete an application.
    • Include an official transcript (high school/college).
    • Attach three letters of recommendation-two from school personnel and one from a person in the community.
    • List academic honors.
    • List participation and offices held in high school or college organizations and extracurricular activities.
    • List participation, offices, and honors received in activities outside of school.
    • Write a short paragraph telling about your educational goals and why you are applying for this scholarship.
    • Write a statement addressing your financial need for this scholarship.


    An application is part of this file.  Application deadline is May 1, 






    Name of Applicant:


    Mailing Address of Applicant: 


    Current Academic Classification:

    (high school senior, college freshman, etc.)


    Year of Graduation from Newcastle High School:


    Major Field of Study:



    On a separate sheet(s), provide the following information:


    Academic Achievement :  List academic honors.



    School Activities :   List participation and offices held in high school or college

      organizations and extracurricular activities.



    Community Activities :   List participation, offices, and honors received in activities

      outside of school.



    Write a short paragraph telling about your educational goals and why you are applying for this scholarship.


    Write a statement addressing your financial need for this scholarship.


    Attach an official current transcript.


    Attach three letters of recommendation-two from school personnel; one from community




    Submit your completed application to:


    Slenker-Brown Scholarship Committee

    Newcastle High School

    116 Casper Ave.

    Newcastle , WY  82701  






  • May 1.






    May 1                                          


    Application for elliott/tysdal scholarship

                                Marge Elliott/Inez Tysdal Retired Teachers Scholarship




    May 3


    Veterans of Foreign Wars


    Veterans of Foreign Wars




  • May 15,




  • May 3,




    Eligibility:   High School senior whose parent is a full-time employee of the Wyoming Refining Company.  Looking for a candidate who is planning on attending a higher education institution (technical school or college) outside of high school. 




    Deadline:   May 3, 2017.   An application is available below




    Please return application to High School Office

















    May 1,

    Cambria Bow Hunters




    May 10

    Wyoming Elk Angels

    Wyoming Elks Association

    Scholarship Assistance Application




    Wyoming Elks Angel



  • May 15

    GLEN LEDGER Scholarship


    The Glen Legler Memorial Scholarship




  • May 15

    Young Wyoming Artists Scholarships

    The seventh annual Gilly Fales Fine Art Award is being offered in partnership with the Buffalo Bill Art Show & Sale providing support and exposure to aspiring young Wyoming artists.


    The scholarships are available for Wyoming students and artists ages 18-30 participating in art-related ventures or majoring in art-related programs in school.


    The program accepts a broad range of original western art, including landscape, wildlife/sporting, figurative, and Native American subject matter.  The submitted piece must be appropriately framed or prepared for display.


    An anonymous jury selects two $500 scholarship recipients, one in two-dimensional and one in three-dimensional work.


    Applicants must complete and submit an application form, which is available online application form . Applicant must also submit a high-quality slide, photo, or digital image of artwork.  Application deadline is May 15, .


    Send all application materials to:


    Buffalo Bill Art Show & Sale

    Attn:  Fales Fine Art Award

    826 Sheridan Avenue

    Cody , WY  82414






    May 7

    The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International

    Lambda Chapter Scholarship



    Delta Kappa Gamma Society Internationl Lambda Chapter Scholarship



    May 18

    Wyoming LDS Foundation Scholarship



     Wyoming lds foundation.org







  • May 1,

    Anthony Napolitano Memorial Scholarship


    High school senior participating in high school athletics and is planning on attending any higher education institute (college, university or trade school.)



    Write a personal letter about yourself and your future goals.



    The amount of the scholarship varies.



    May 1, 2018


    Return the personal letter to the high school office.



  • May 1,

    The Craig and Susan Thomas Foundation

    Go to: www.Thomas-Foundation.com


    E-mail Info@Thomas-Foundation.com



  • May 1


    Pinnacle Bank




  • May 1

    Katie Lynn Photography

    Memorial Scholarship

    Return application to High School Office




    May 9

    MAHA Energy Inc. Scholarship


    MAHA Energy Inc Scholarship





  • Due May 10,

    Douvas Memorial Scholarship

    The Douvas Memorial Scholarship is awarded to students who are first-generation Americans and are attending one of the seven Wyoming community colleges or the University of Wyoming.  Two scholarships in the amount of $500 each will be awarded.  All necessary information can be found in the attachment below.  These forms can also be found on the website: www.edu.wyoming.gov

    If you have any questions regarding the Douvas Memorial Scholarship contact Laurie Hernandez at laurie.hernandez@wyo.gov or 307-777-3469




    May 20

    Weston County School District #1 Endowment Foundation

    Fassbender Teacher's Scholarship Program


    WCSD #1 Endowment Foundation Fassbender Teacher's Endowment Foundation





    May 15

  • June:



  • June 1,


    Powder River Energy Corporation



  • June 1

    "Aspiring Fashion Professional" Scholarship

    $1,000 scholarship visit www.fashion-schools.org find the scholarship located at the bottom of the page and click on it.




  • June 1

    "Aspiring Animation Professional" Scholarship Program  $1,000 scholarship

    http://www.animationcareerreview.com/ the scholarship will be on the right side of the page and click on it.




  • June 15





    Pfizer's Epilepsy Scholarship

    The Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarship is a 1-year, $3000 scholarship honoring 25 outstanding students who have:

    §   Overcome the challenges of epilepsy

    §   Been successful in school

    §   Done well in activities outside the classroom or in the community

    §   Shown a desire to make the most out of college or graduate school

    Experts in education and medicine will choose the winners.


    You may apply for Pfizer's Epilepsy Scholarship if you are:

    §   Under a doctor's care for epilepsy

    §   In school as:

    ·   A high school senior who has applied to college

    ·   A freshman, sophomore, or junior in college

    · Or a college senior who has applied to graduate school


    You can get an application three ways:

    §   Ask your doctor or guidance counselor for an application

    §   Download the application form at www.epilepsy-scholarship.com

    §   Sign up on the website to get one sent to you in the mail.

    Application Deadline: June 15 





  • August 31

    Aspiring Nurse Scholarship

    This scholarship is open to all high school seniors who plan to pursue college education in nursing, including LPH/LVN, ADN, and BSN programs.





  • July:



  • July 31

    Wyoming Peace Officers Association Scholarships

    It is the intention of the Wyoming Peace Officers Association to provide financial aid to Wyoming residents/students who are serious about furthering their careers; therefore, the Wyoming Peace Officers Association is offering four (4) scholarships to deserving individuals.  Recipients may be selected from any category.  Each college recipient will receive up to $500 per semester (after completion of that semester) for a total award not to exceed $1,000 per year, providing that all requirements are met.  Pre-Service basic students shall receive a maximum award of $1,000 per year providing all requirements are met.

    Recipients attending college will be limited to a maximum of four (4) semesters, or two (2) years of financing but should not assume funding will be granted on a semester to semester basic.  Pre-Service students will be limited to a one-time award for $1,000 after the successful completion of a peace officer or detention officer basic course at the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy.  To be considered for next year's scholarship, applicants must complete a new application form and submit it to the committee.  No preference is given on the basis of sex, religion, ethnic origin, political credo, or any other such factor.

    All applications must be received by the Committee Chairman no later than July 31 of each calendar year.  Any applications not received by the deadline will not be considered for an award.

    All applications will be reviewed and recipients will be selected by the Scholarship Committee of the Wyoming Peace Officers Association.  Every applicant will be notified of the success or failure of their financial aid request by late September of each calendar year.


    Go to WyomingPeaceOfficersAssociation.com

    At the top of the page go to OTHER

    Then select scholarships

        All applications must be received by July 31




  • August:



  • August 1                     HANSEN INJURY LAW FIRM

    Matt Hansen and the other attorneys at the firm are proud to offer a generous $1,000 scholarship for individuals whose lives jhave been negatively impacted by a car crash, bicycle accident or other events leading to personal injuries.  To qualify for this scholarship:

    1.  You must currently be enrolled in or have been accepted to (and planning to attend) a college or university in the United States.                

    2.  You must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher cumulative GPA in the current or most recent secondary education program you have attended.

    3.  You must have been negatively impacted by a car crash, bicycle accident or other events leading to personal injuries.

    Apply here:







  • For Information on any Scholarships Contact:

    Mrs. Farella in the High School Office
    during regular School Hours or e-mail @.