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  • Welcome to Weston County School District #1.

    We are glad that you have taken the time to visit our site to learn about our school system.      

      Welcome to Weston County School District # 1. I am very proud of the children, staff, and community stakeholders that we are blessed to be able to work with side by side. "Our Children Are Our Business" is our focal point. In this time of increased accountability, we also believe that student achievement is critical. If you look at both local and state assessments, you will see that our team's success is on the rise!

      Our elementary school posted some of the best math scores in the state and recently had a class that was 100% proficient in writing. Our schools are new and well kept. We offer a second to none after school program for our elementary children to build self confidence and ensure study skills.

      The newly remodeled middle school has resently posted the most growth in our state testing. They have made AYP for the past three years. They offer a wide range of activities. The staff works hard in the area of anti-bullying and assisting young adults to become self advocates.

      Our high school is also a newer facility with graduation rates about 95% and a better than state average on the ACT. Many of our students earn 15-30 college credits while attending high school. We offer many elective programs.

      The district focus, through our board governance, has been a professional learning community, with learning, collaboration, and focusing on results as a goal. Recently we have had two board members be recognized as All Wyoming Board Member for their efforts to improve childrens lives.

       We welcome you to stop by and give us a look. I think you will like what you see!  

    Brad LaCroix
    Superintendent Weston County School District #1