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Community Facilities Rental

As a member of our amazing Community, we would like to let you know you have the ability to Rent out various Facilities in our incredible School District. 
This page is to help guide Community Members and Staff Members wanting to rent District space for non-school related activities.
There are a few steps you must take to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.
First, please understand that School and Student Activities will always take precedence. If you have an event you would like to have take place in our District Facilities and have questions, please contact Teresa Gross, our District Recreation Director. Her contact information is at the top right of this page.
Take a look at a few information pages below.
After reading the above documents, please proceed with filling out the forms below. You must have the Policy KF-E Document completed before moving on to the Request Form. Again, please don't hesitate to reach out to Teresa Gross if you have any questions about this process.
After you have completed the Policy KF-E Facility Use Lease Agreement Form using information from the two above documents, please proceed to the Facilities Request Form below.
Make sure to be as accurate as possible, and include all necessary information. At the bottom of the form, there is a spot to insert your filled out Lease Agreement. Please do so, as your Request cannot move forward without the Lease Agreement and the Form completed.
After you have completed the form, enter your confirmation email and submit. This will send you a copy of your form response, and will send your response to the District for approval. 
Please remember to fill out the following form after using the Facility, to provide information on care/cleaning you completed after use. Please let Teresa Gross know if you have any concerns or questions.
Thank you for considering our facilities for your Community needs.
If you are a staff member wanting to rent a facility for a school related activity, please click the button below to go to the proper Facility Form