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Please feel free to look at our Newcastle 21 CCLC Programs website for more information. 


"Academics & Activities--A Coalition for Enhanced Success"
The Newcastle 21 CCLC Programs are designed to enhance the success of students in the K-8th grades. The program is funded with the Wyoming Department of Education, (Title IV, Part B) 21st Century Community Learning Center grant funds, which enables the program to be offered free or low cost to ALL students in Weston County School District #1.

The Newcastle 21 CCLC Programs offer learning opportunities that enhance a child's success in all academic areas. Our goal is to foster extended learning beyond normal school hours through academic-rich activities that are child-oriented and age appropriate.

The Newcastle 21 CCLC Programs offer enrichment opportunities that foster a child's creativity and individual ownership. Our goal is to provide your student with activities that provide an outlet for creativity, hands-on experimentation, and energy!


Elementary School K-2 Program:  Monday-Friday @ 3:05pm-5:00 pm

Elementary School 3-5 Program:  Monday-Friday @  3:05pm-5:00 pm

Middle School Programs

Empowering Teens: Monday-Thursday @ 3:30pm-5:00pm

IMPACT: Middle School Late Start Wednesdays (Wiser Wednesday) @ 8:10am-9:30am

 (No IMPACT on All School Late Start Wednesdays)