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Staff Internet Use Policy

Staff - Internet Use Policy Acceptance Form

**Fill Out Form at Bottom of THIS page to Accept the needs of the Policy.

(You do not have to try to sign the actual policy from the link.)**

  • Please Click on the link below to Review the District Policy on Internet Use
    • You May print out a copy of the Policy for your records if needed
After Reviewing the Policy, click and fill out form below and submit it for review to District Office by choosing the Send at the bottom of the form.
    • This Acceptance Must be completed by all Staff of WCSD#1. Failure to complete could result in disciplinary action.
Copy of this Submission will be kept on file at the Central Office.

Thank you For Submitting your Responses to WCSD#1.  Your Information was sent to the Central Office and filed.  Please print this submission as proof of completion.